The Crucible of Sin

by AxMinister

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released May 4, 2018

Nicholas Klaus - Bass/Vox
Bas von Bismark - Drums
Tim Smith- Guitar
Nick Allaire- Backing Vocals

Produced by Ryan Jones
Mastered by Harry Hess


all rights reserved



AxMinister Toronto, Ontario

AxMinister is a metal trio from Toronto. Their sound is influenced by such masters as Slayer, Megadeth, and Manowar. Their lyrical content focuses on film, history, politics, and religion. Check them out at a heavy metal venue near you!

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Track Name: Salvation
Finding solace by myself
Pondering lies and regret
Second guessing who I am
Never knowing where I stand

A wave of calm washes over me
Sated tranquility
Years I spent forlorn in pain
I have only myself to blame

No one forced me to act the fool
No one forced me down this sojourn
No one forced me, I played her game
No one forced me, I eschewed the blame

I am the one who raised the stakes
Liable for my own mistakes
I am the one who bet on fate
Lost the gamble to my own hate

A haunting scythe
An Angel of pain
I have only myself to blame
Second guessing who I am
Abide the past, furlongs passed

Slay my fears
Fearsome foray
Claim the Throne
Credence of stone
Sword of conviction
Inherent salvation

Just like the sun will set today
I will not cower, I will not fray
Raise the anchor of sins repressed
Sail towards dreams I suppressed

Win or lose on my own terms
Joy or pain that’s mine to earn
Chronic dread that led me astray
An erstwhile rheostat of fate

No more dwelling I clench my fists
Start a revolution in my brain
Aquinas’ grace, Aristotle’s cave
A path I laid, despondence staved.
Track Name: The Trials of Hercules
The Trials of Hercules:

The son of a God, we are the children
Tasked to atone for sins he was forced in
He beat all the odds
We ascend from his star
Inspired by a son
The son of a God
We are the children that he fought for
Our will is shorn from battles conjured

He fought for the gods
That cursed his path
A coerced impasse
And death thus followed
Doomed was his cause, thought all of the gods
We learn from the will, that helped him triumph

Strategy and gall
A club and his wrath
A god and a man
His enemies faltered


(Zeus was his father
Hercules was banished
Was expected to suffer
And a destiny altered)
(We will never falter
A will never ravished
Just as he conquered

His lessons that we fathomed)
He strangled a lion with the skin of armor
The first of 12 arduous labours
Hera conspired
Goddess of marriage
Her plans were foiled
Hercules triumphed
And so we learn the meaning of valor
As the world twists us into barrows
The legend is ours

An ancient idol
Of strength and honor
And pain and horror
Undeterred with discerning morals
Ascension is plagued with false laurels
We tread the path
That we follow
A metaphor for life
His and ours


(Immortal agony
Hercules suffered
Until his father
To Olympus took him)
Track Name: Sanctus Equitis Mortis
A kingdom wrought in grandeur and misery
Renaissance beauty disease and dysentery
A King who plots and murders citizenry
Art, science, and a ravenous monarchy.

We are furtive knights of this holy city
Serving the crown the land and his majesty
Tasked with vengeance we are knights of fear
Sacred order, black arts and a secret society

The oath we’ve vowed,
Has us bound
In shadows we prowl
The king’s hounds

I was ordained by flaying my skin
Scarred and maimed I forsake my sin
Cloaked in shade, my journey begins.

Possessed by a demon
Directive conceived
By the devil’s bidding
And his plans for thee
A lust worth filling
For his majesty.

An alley of garbage and shadows deep
It’s you I’ll ravage it’s you I seek
Your life will vanish you cannot entreat
Like chopping cabbage you’re food for me

A runt to be murdered
Drawn and quartered
The king’s verdict

The jury is vengeance
A judge from heaven
Disembowel, vivisect
Behead and dissect

The king has passed his judgement
And found you guilty.
Your crimes lack atonement
And are heresy
I hereby enact the verdict
Of the Holy See
Sanctus equites mortis
By royal decree.

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